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At the last moment, Big Bill pulled out and squirted a huge load of bull gravy all over Lola's pretty, heart-shaped face. "So, when a guy kisses you, how many other guys' sperm is he sucking down? Lola loved watching the hard-humping harlots fucking and sucking over the security cameras.

When he was done cumming in her face, she used her slim fingers to massage his musky man milk into her skin. " Lola gave him her really, utterly, totally sincere look. The sight of the bare bummed bed beasts, each chained to her bed by an ankle cuff, opening their holes to play grease the gut-stick, was always uplifting.

She was definitely his sort of totally amoral bitch. Before we make her disappear, we should mess with her, so she starts fucking up a bit on air. The split-arse mechanic went to work on her second piston job of the morning: sucking, licking, deep-throating, humming and prepared to swallow – unlike many men, Big Bill had never promised a woman that he wouldn't cum in her mouth. " Chuckling and shaking his head, Big Bill put on his clothes and left, having rivals to slice open and people to beat.

Then, when you take over from her, you'll look like a big improvement." Lola was grateful. On the other hand, he never promised that he would. Lola played the tape from her visit to the South American whorehouse one more time, as she lay exhausted on the bed, soaking up the wet spot.

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Although new to California, Star was already extremely popular, her ratings were sky-high.

She cast her eyes modestly downwards, batted her long eyelashes coyly and gave her voice a touch of pure cornpone. She had a nice selection taken from the security cameras, but she had a particular favourite and this was it.

Bambi, the weather-girl before her, was pulling the train for a group of visiting Japanese businessmen.

Kidnapped by Lola's biker buddies and shipped off to South America, Bambi was a big attraction.

A pale, willowy, longhaired blond, she was now fucking professionally eighteen hours a day, seven days a week.

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